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Bubby Cubby

Plum® Wooden Sand & Picnic Table

Plum® Wooden Sand & Picnic Table

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Okay, when I first saw the Plum Warthog Playground, I knew that this is something that I need to share with other parents.

It is a beast of a home playground that will definitely be the talk of the neighbourhood. It may be expensive, and need more space than most play centres, but what you get is the playground building expertise of PlumPlay who have been building wonderfully robust play centres for kids for a long time, high quality FSC certified timber to make sure that your have a playground that can probably keep going long after your kids have outgrown it.

And because of its many features, it is really a playground that can suit children of any age. For example, you can easily change one of the swings to a baby or toddler seat, or even place your baby on the glider and rock it gently (please be safe when doing this though). Toddlers or younger children who are not adapt at climbing can also use the “Cubby” below to play in.

Having a roughly 1.5m clearance from the ground, an adult can sit quite comfortably in the below deck cubby as well.

Features I Like

Plum Warthog Playground features

  • 10ft Wave Slide
  • 11ft Play tower (Tallest Cubby Fort we have), with a platform that is 5ft off the ground
  • Climbing rock wall with multi coloured hand and foot grips
  • 2 swings and the really cool Glider swing (which is both a hammock and a glider for 2 kids)
  • Regular climbing ladder and rope ladder
  • A Monkey Swing
  • Below Deck “Cubby” with fabric walls
  • Giant Binoculars, periscope, and steering wheel
  • Wood used is FSC certified (sustainably sourced); pressure treated for strength.
  • It already comes with enough bells and whistles for children’s imaginations to run wild right out of the box. And if you want to add more, you can.

How Big is It

Assembled Size:   L 5.7m x W 5.2m x H 3.5m

Model No: 272923AB69

Building It

Approx Assembly Time: 8 Hours
Number of people required: 2 Adults

Tools required:

  • Ratchet Socket Wrench x 2 with: 13mm Socket x 2; and 17mm Socket x 1
  • Cordless Power Drill with: PH#1 x 1;  PH#2 x 1;  PH#3 x 1; PZ#2 x 1
  • 5mm Drill Bit
  • 7mm Drill Bit
  • Mallet x 1
  • Stepladder x 1

After the initial build, you can get your children involved in decorating the play centre. It will be fun.


NOTE: Due to its size this item is shipped palletised and therefore will require booking in on a specific date for delivery. You will be contacted in advance to arrange the delivery; please ensure that you are able to receive the delivery and assist on that day

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