Privacy Policy

As a parent, online shopper, and advocate of the right to privacy online, Bubby Cubby’s privacy policy seeks to make it plain and simple:

1) Bubby Cubby only collect information from you that will help us provide better service to you. For example, your email, phone numbers and delivery address is require for us to ensure that you will have a seemless experience from purchase to delivery of your cubby house or products.

2) This contact information may be forwarded to our partners in order for them to provide the same level of service to you. For example, if you ordered a made-to-order cubby house, your contact information will be provided to the manufacturer so that they may deliver your cubby house to your directly, and if there are any product information that needs to be made aware to you, they can contact you directly.*

3) Bubby Cubby will not sell, lease or distribute your information to other marketing companies.

4) We may use your information to further our market research so that we can provide you and other customers with an even better experience, by providing what you want and how you want it.

5) A cookie will be place on your computer, with your permission. Cookies allow us to personalise your shopping experience with us, and they will collect non-identifying information such IP addresses, operating system, and browser used to view Bubby Cubby. This information is only used to help us find out what our customers are doing on Bubby Cubby, and how we can then provide a more seemless experience to help you make the best purchase decision.**

6) Your information is protected to the best of our abilities using industry standard mechanism.

7) You have the right to be forgotten from our marketing systems, however, information of your purchase will need to be retained for legal and warranty purposes.

* Bubby Cubby cannot control how our suppliers and manufacturers use your information, but we have partnered with them because they have similar privacy policies to ours, and we just want to ensure that you get what you ordered and to your satisfaction. 

** Please note that most web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies from websites you have visited. You may modify your browser settings to decline cookies. It will not impede your web browsing, but may reduce your ease of use of the websites you visit.