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Oscar Cubby House

Oscar Cubby House

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Introducing the Oscar Cubby House: Where Dreams Take Flight and Adventures Unfold!

Step into a world of imagination and excitement with the Oscar Cubby House – a realm of endless play and creative exploration that captures the hearts of young adventurers. Meticulously designed and expertly crafted, this cubby house promises endless hours of joyous playtime and cherished memories.

The Oscar Cubby House is an open-style cubby designed to spark imagination and adventure. With its elevated structure, little ones will love the thrill of climbing up and down. The wavy slide adds an extra element of excitement, while the chalkboard provides a creative outlet for budding artists. Let their imaginations soar as they create their own stories and games within this charming playhouse.

The Oscar Cubby house comes stain painted in a natural Yellow water base paint; which means that it is ready to play as soon as it is assemble, but you can easily paint over it to customize it with your kids. So the fun starts even before the house is ready to serve its first guest. We highly recommend that you paint the Oscar Cubby House anyway because it will better protect the wood for longevity.


  • Timber construction
  • Pre-fabricated panels
  • Detailed open design
  • Side window with flower box
  • Chalk board
  • Wavy slide
  • Hardware, handles & climbing handles included

Additional Dimensions

  • Stairs - approx 65cm outwards from cubby
  • Slide - approx 155cm outwards from cubby
  • Climbing Wall - approx 50cm outwards from cubby

    How Big is it:

    Assembled size: Length 1.730 m x Width 1.90 m  x Height 2.5 m

    (Please see schematic image for dimensions as well.)

    Model No.: Oscar-cubby

    Assembly Required

    This product comes partially assembled in a box with assembly instructions and hardware included.

    Time: 3 hours

    Tools: Cordless Drill with Phillips Head Bit

    Number of people: 1 – 2 Adults

    • The Cubby House must be assembled on a solid levelled surface, as well as be able to drain water away quickly
    • The Cubby House comes in pre-fabricated panels, reducing assembly time
    • The window and doors are pre attached to the walls
    • The Cubby House panels and attachments are pre-drilled
    • During assembly ensure all small, sharp objects are kept out of reach of children at all times
    • It is the customer’s responsibility to do regular safety inspections of the Cubby House and the maintenance of the Cubby House
    • To ensure you get years of use from the Cubby House, it is essential that you paint the Cubby to reduce the weather elements taking its toll, refer to the painting tips for information
    • Adult supervision is required at all times
    • It is highly recommended that the Oscar be repainted with at least 2 undercoats and 2 coats of paint. This will ensure proper wood sealing, and will make this cubby last a long time to come.

    Carton Dimensions

    • Box 1: 220cm x 32cm x 19cm - 35kg
    • Box 2: 196cm x 114cm x 14cm - 47kg
    • Box 3: 182cm x 82cm x 11cm - 40kg
    • Box 4: 177cm x 37cm x 23cm - 5kg

      Safety Certifications

      • AS/NZ 8124 Australian Toy Standards
      • EN71 European Toy Safety Standards


      NOTE: Bubby Cubby's Cubby Houses deliver using an Assisted Delivery service. That means that an able-bodied person must be present to receive and assist the delivery. If you are unable to help unload then you will need to organise with the delivery company to have a tail gate truck or an extra person. Bubby Cubby are not liable for the extra costs for this service and customers will need to authorise these requests.

      Orders will only be delivered to your front door, on a ground floor location. They cannot deliver large items upstairs, enter homes or take items to the backyard. Notice will be given prior to delivery (please ensure correct mobile number is provided)

      Elevate your child's playtime experience with the Oscar Cubby House and witness their creativity flourish. Unlock the joy of imaginative journeys, form lasting bonds, and cultivate lifelong skills within the captivating universe of the Oscar Cubby House.

      Secure your Oscar Cubby House today and open the door to a world of boundless play and enchantment!

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