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Plum Deimos Metal Climbing Dome – Teal

Plum Deimos Metal Climbing Dome – Teal

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Climbing domes are simple outdoor sets to help kids with coordination, balance, and helps build confidence in navigating other playground obstacles.  Find out more about the Deimos Metal Climbing Dome below.

Why I'd Choose This:

One of the developmental milestones for any child is their ability to climb. Climbing requires strength, coordination and balance, which is why, as much as parents are usually concerned about children climbing, it is something that needs to be encouraged but with a watchful eye.

Child development aside, this gorgeous Plum Diemos Climbing Dome is a simple yet challenging obstacle course for a child and the adventures they can imagine on, in and around it is limited to their imaginations.

The great thing about climbing frames is that it is relatively easy to assemble, and disassemble if you ever need to move, so it is excellent for rental properties. And it will still provide hours of fun for your children


Plum Diemos Metal Climbing Dome – Teal

  • Is made from powder coated steel with textured finish.
  • Comes with ground anchors to add stability.
  • Is relatively easy to assemble and disassemble

How Big Is It:

Assembled size: Length 1.9m x Width 1.9m x Height 0.9m

Model No: 22403

Building It:

Time: 2 hours

Number of People: 2 adults


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