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Plum 6ft Junior Trampoline Pink

Plum 6ft Junior Trampoline Pink

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Why I'd Choose This:

Plum has been voted UK’s best trampoline brands, and their safety standards meet or exceed the European child safety standards, which are higher then Australia. What is more, they have also selected materials for the trampolines that they bring into the Australian market to ensure that it can withstand the harsher Australian conditions.

So why would I choose this trampoline?

It is safe! It is beautiful!

As a father of 2 daughters, I constantly worry when my daughters use the trampoline after reading about accidents that can happen.

The Plum Junior trampolines are built lower, just 36cm off the ground, so children can climb in and out without a ladder, and they use a double sided zip to give your children the independence of getting in and out of the trampolines themselves, or help their younger siblings.

What is more the zips are secured with clips as well for extra reassurance that your children don’t zip the safety net down properly, the net stays closed.

The padding around the safety poles and the springs (which are shorter for better control of the bounce, and reduce likelihood of getting stuck in between springs) are designed for safety.


Plum 6ft Junior Trampoline Blue

  • Has good padding on all metal parts and a good covering over the springs
  • Is low to the ground for easy mounting and dismounting from the trampoline for children of all sizes.
  • Materials are selected to withstand Australian conditions so it is customised for Australia.
  • Small footprint but large on fun
  • Recommended ages: 3 and up

How Big Is It:

Assembled size: Length 1.82m x Width 1.82m x Height 2m

Model No: 30109

Building It:

Time: 2 hours

Number of People: 2 adults


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