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Plum® Double Wooden Swing Set

Plum® Double Wooden Swing Set

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Why I'd Choose This:

It is not always easy to have a full outdoor play gym due to space constrains of your home. But it doesn’t mean that your child should miss out on some home outdoor play equipment. Often all a child needs is a swing to keep themselves busy for quite a while, so we recommend the Plum® Double Wooden Swing Set to fill that corner of your garden.

This double wooden swing set is a wonderful addition to your garden because it is made of wood, which makes it naturally blend with whatever style your garden is landscaped with, and a double swing means that 2 children can swing at the same time, and just by changing the swing seat on one of hangs, you can make it baby and toddler friendly almost immediately. (Contact us if you find out more about other swing seats available)

It is great if you have 2 children, or have friends or family who have children coming around often.

Being smaller in size means that you can fit it into a modest garden or backyard with no problems. (just watch that you have a good safe zone in front and behind the swing)

Features I Like:

Plum Double Wooden Swing Set

  • The single swings use soft feel ropes and heavy duty blow moulded seats for extra strength.
  • You can easily change the swing sets (swings are attached with using carabiners) to customize the set to your children’s age.
  • Premium FSC certified timber which ensures this playset is extremely strong.
  • The frame also has wooden cross braces for extra stability.

Play set includes:

  • All hardware for installation including ground anchors for concreting into the ground.

How Big is It:

Assembled Size: Length 2.23m x Width 1.62m x Height 2.09cm

Assembled Size (High): Length 1.48m x Width 1.62m x Height 1.90cm

Model No: 273799

Building It:

Time: 1.5 Hours
Number of people: 2 adults


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