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Hide and Seek

Mud Kitchen

Mud Kitchen

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"Introducing the Hide & Seek Kids Mud Kitchen - Where Play Meets Creativity in the Great Outdoors!

Experience the pure delight of messy play and endless creativity with our Mud Kitchen. It's not just a backyard addition; it's a portal to a world of imagination and outdoor fun for your little ones.

Crafted with care and designed to withstand hours of immersive play, our Mud Kitchen is more than a play space; it's a sensory adventure waiting to unfold. Watch their faces light up with excitement as they mix, stir, and concoct magical creations in their very own outdoor kitchen.

Give your children the chance to get their hands dirty, embrace the mess, and create memories that will last a lifetime. The Hide & Seek Kids Mud Kitchen - where childhood magic thrives amidst laughter, boundless creativity, and, of course, a lot of muddy fun!"

This version maintains the core message while adding a touch of storytelling and a sense of adventure. It also highlights the product's durability, its role in sparking creativity, and the enduring memories it helps create. The goal is to evoke emotion and paint a vivid picture of the Mud Kitchen's value in a more engaging way.

Note: Customer photos have been used in this listing for display purposes and may include accessories and items painted, which are not supplied or a service provided by Bubby Cubby.


    • Timber construction
    • Pre-fabricated panels
    • Plastic sink with plastic tap (can be plumbed)
    • Chalkboard splash back
    • Various storage areas
    • Hanging hooks for utensils
    • Hardware included

    How Big Is It:

    Assembled size: Length 0.375m x Width 0.85m x Height 1.00m

    Model No: Mud-Kitchen


    It is strongly advised to paint the Mud Kitchen for long-lasting durability, despite its water-based stain, it only provides minimal protection. Failure to follow the painting instructions may impact the product warranty.

    Building It:

    Time: 1 – 2 hours

    Number of people: 1 adult and as many kids as you want 🙂


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