Collection: Cubby Houses

Cubby Houses for Sale in Melbourne & Australia Wide

Looking at cubby houses for sale in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or anywhere in Australia for that matter, is like looking for your own home. You want something that is beautiful and useful for your kids. Whether you opt to buy cubby houses from Bunnings, K-Mart, or here at Bubby Cubby, you want something that is safe, strong, and will match your decor and style.

Kids’ cubby houses can encourage outdoor play as well, with swing sets or play equipment attached. Some have climbing frames, or act like a treehouse because they’re raised with a sandpit underneath, and when you add a slide, they can become a whole play gym for your children.

Cubby Houses from Leading Manufacturers

Bubby Cubby’s collection of timber cubby houses and Metal kids swing sets and trampolines, from leading manufacturers Plum Play and Lifespan Kids, are selected because they’re built for Australian conditions and are fun, beautiful, and incredibly strong and safe. When you buy a cubby house from Bubby Cubby, you can rest assured that it’s built to last with proper care and sure to appeal to your child’s tastes. We know that you will find something that you will love to have for your home and will be your kids’ home within your home.

Bubby Cubby can deliver your cubby house Australia wide, so no matter where you buy online from – be it Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or elsewhere in the country – you can enjoy delivery direct to your doorstep.

And because these cubby houses and play centres are from leading Australian manufacturers, you can rest assured that you have local warranty, and will not be waiting for 3 months for it to be shipped from overseas.