Small Backyard not a problem for a Teepee Cubby

Small Backyard not a problem for a Teepee Cubby

Our good friends at Plum Play have shared this amazing blog by Narelle Bouveng ( of how her 5 year old daughter and her transformed her little backyard into a fantasy wonderland with the Plum Teepee Hideaway as the centrepiece.

This is a re-post of Narelle’s original blog, that I thought I would share with everyone to inspire you with some ideas of what you can do with a small backyard a simple unpainted teepee Cubby house, paint and various items bought from Bunnings.

As I’ve often put in my mini-reviews of the cubby houses on Bubby Cubby, the fun when getting a cubby house starts from the moment the packages are opened, the cubby house is put up, and you and your children can have hours of fun just personalising it.

Your imagination is the limit!

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