How to Decorate a Cubby House – by a 10 year-old

How to Decorate a Cubby House – by a 10 year-old

Putting together cubby houses? Easy. It comes with instructions that are clear. But decorating them? Tricky. You will need a boost of creativity to do this. Where do you put this chair? What pattern will your child want on the walls? Unicorns or bats? Remember, from a kid’s point of view, they will most likely want a colourful, attractive, bright cubby with lots of things to play with and to challenge themselves. So here’s how I would decorate my dream cubby.


Your kid will want colours. And the more colourful, the better! Bright colours to a darker shade of colours. I would have a baby blue roof with yellow walls on the outside and blue tiger paper on the inside walls. And an orange door with red doorknob. Your kid may even like a pastel pink roof with light green walls. You choose. But of course, let your kid have a hand in choosing colours. (unless it is for birthday or present then you are on your own.)


Most cubby houses come empty. So, it is up to you furnish it. You could make little flower boxes, fix them to the cubby and make felt flowers to put inside. Below is a link to making felt roses.

I would put a little table in the corner, with two chairs. A toy kitchen would be in another corner, a toy/bookshelf in the third corner and in the last corner, a bean bag. You might want to set it up like a jungle, grassy curtains on the windows and little shelves inside with binoculars, bug catcher to study little bugs and an exploring backpack. Maybe like a doll nursery. Whatever the wild little heart of your child will desire.

My dream Cubby

If I had to choose a cubby, I would choose the Lifespan Kids TP Loft House with Slide because it has two whole floors to decorate!

In the bottom, I would put my table with two chairs, and my toy/bookshelf. I love reading so I can imagine sitting there reading my favourite book and not coming home till dinner time….

In the top, I would put my kitchen so I when I play kitchen with my sister, I can look out over the garden while I am cooking. I would also put my bean bag there so I could look at the garden while relaxing (and of course reading a book)

But paint this wonderful cubby first – with a baby blue roof and yellow walls on the outside… and on the inside, I would paint it blue with tiger prints.

Or another cubby I would recommend is the Lifespan Kids Backyard Discovery Spring Cottage because it comes full of ready-made things!

It comes with a flower box, working doorbell, serving table and bench, a kitchen with a slice-able fruit and vegetable basket, and to cut the play food, kids can use the plastic knife and cutting board that is also already provided.

It also has a mailbox out the front, a chalkboard, and a toy light for the front door.

This is good coz I don’t need to make anything for the cubby house and I can play in it with my sister as soon as Dad put it together.

Everything is all ready to just paint (in blue with tiger prints😊)… ha ha….


*This blog was written by my 10 year old daughter. I had intended to write a post about how to decorate a Cubby, but I thought who better to write it than the little people who will most enjoy the space! 

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