Wooden Timber Cubby Houses vs a Plastic Cubby House for Your Adelaide Property

When parents buy something for their kids, they want it to be safe and well loved by everyone. Determining whether to buy a timber cubby house for your Adelaide family or to opt for a plastic one can be confusing. At Bubby Cubby, we have taken the hassle and indecision away from choosing which cubby house to buy with our range of safe products and assembly difficulty. We help you determine which Australian manufactured or distributed cubby house is most suited to your child’s personality, your property layout and your constructing capabilities.


Our wooden cubby houses come in various sizes and can be built larger than plastic ones. This is especially ideal if you still want the space to play as children grow and therefore get more use out of the cubby house. These timber structures are a more permanent feature so require an adequate area and ground preparation before being assembled. However, unlike plastic cubby houses, they do not degrade after 7-10 years if you care for them properly.

We do offer straightforward easy to assemble wooden cubby houses that you can put together in a few hours. These options are available for the parent who is not as confident in their construction skills, yet you still want to reap the joys of a timber structure. For a more personalised house, wooden frames can be painted in your choice of colours either to blend into your property or to be bold, fun and be notable.

If your Adelaide family is an active bunch, then a lot of the timber cubby houses come with extra features such as climbing walls, slides and swings. These are also an ideal option for those children who love equipment and toys for entertainment rather than mere pretend play.

If you are up for a challenge and your goal is to construct your child’s cubby house proudly, then our wooden DIY kits have everything you need and can take up to 10 hours to make. A permanent wooden structure will also add value to your property should you wish to sell.

Plastic Cubby Houses

Plastic cubby houses have the advantage of being portable which make them the best choice if you do not want a permanent structure. These work well in Adelaide rental properties where landlords usually have strict policies over what you can construct in the backyard.

These houses are easy to assemble and disassemble when needed and, if you have space, can easily be moved inside for playtime in the cooler seasons. With the size of the cubby house being a bit smaller they are a safe option for younger children who will find it easy to play and use their imagination.

Whether you choose a wooden or plastic cubby house, we can deliver it to you within two weeks, so your child can get in as much play time as possible. Contact us today for secure ordering and delivery of your chosen cubby house which also comes with a warranty.

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