Quality Wooden Cubby Kits make Tiny Timber Houses for Melbourne Kids

Cubby houses give little ones their own place to grow and develop through pretend and imaginative play. Rather than provide children with pre-established playsets that guide them through scripted tasks, cubby houses offer the backdrop for imaginations to soar. During pretend play with siblings or with other children, kids develop social knowledge and understanding through peer negotiation and role play. Successful passage through this developmental period sets the tone for future problem-solving prowess and organic creativity.

When I moved to Melbourne, we had a house with a modest backyard, so we didn’t want to miss out on this ultimate developmental tool. So we set out to research and purchase this memory-making fixture for our little one, however, the process was a nightmare that too longer that I had expected. So Bubby Cubby was born; to help other parents not have the same issues that I had when setting up our play space.


We set out to provide Australian families with a streamlined way to find locally-source cubbies and outdoor play equipment. Frustrated with international market pitfalls including lead time and foreign warranty protection, we’ve positioned ourselves as authorised domestic dealers of the world’s top play structure products. All products are made or stored here in Australia and covered by Australian warranties.

Where plastic cubbies are less expensive and commonly seen at medical practices, and cafes; wooden cubby houses let Melbourne families create bigger and taller cubbies, and have designs that are more integrated to their homes. And because of its strength, flexibility and durability, and ability to be built bigger, timber cubby houses and play centres are great for older kids, and require as much building skills as IKEA furniture. Properly maintained, a timber cubby house can last through multiple childhoods.

Our selection of design options includes small, medium, and large floor plans. Medium and large wooden cubby houses often have more features. Some offer two-storey play where a ball or sand pit sits under the cubby’s cabin, while others have a swing set attached.

When selecting a cubby house kit, your Melbourne yard’s size and shape are key. Outdoor play equipment should have 1.5 – 2 metres open space around the entire perimeter. This leaves space for running feet, daring tricks, and easy access. If your timber cubby house includes a swing-set attachment, allow additional free space.

Quality Assurance from Bubby Cubby

Whether it’s built here or warehoused locally from leading international brands, your child’s safety is our priority. These Cubbies are quality tested for sturdiness and design safety. Each unit has passed an evaluation to withstand our harsh climate, and our partners like Plum® Play, Lifespan Kids, and Hide and Seek Kids wooden products are treated to resist pests and rot.

Cubby house kits arrive in Melbourne with detailed assembly instructions. Typically, all that’s needed is a screwdriver, preferably powered. Alternatively, if you don’t feel you have the skills, we suggesting looking for a local builder to help with your build. Just make sure they have experience with Cubby Houses and Play Centres.

Typically, orders of cubby houses and other outdoor play equipment are processed and dispatched 24-36 hours after payment with shipping cost and estimated delivery varied based on the item and postal code. Items shipped to Melbourne and inner suburbs are expected between 2-5 business days, where as outer Victoria regions may take up to 8 to 12 days. We accept all major forms of electronic funds transfer and offer Layby and ZipPay to help make purchasing wooden cubby houses manageable on every budget.

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