Bubby Cubby Supplying Outdoor Play Equipment in Australia for Your Child

When a child plays outside, they usually have the most fun on outdoor play equipment in Australia. As a leading supplier of kids outdoor play equipment for Australia, Bubby Cubby offers you only the best options that will keep your child engaged and active.

If you are looking outdoor play equipment in Australia that is easy to assemble and install, our Lifespan Kids Somerset or Skyfort 2 Play Centre is a great option. This swing set offers activities that will keep your child entertained for hours. This play set includes a slide, two swings and a climbing rope. An attachment can be placed on the swings so younger children can use them. The equipment is easy to assemble so your child can be playing there in no time.

The Lifespan Kids BYD Hillcrest Play Centre features outdoor play equipment in Australia on a grander scale. There are multiple sources of entertainment including a sand pit, a glider double swing set, two swings and a wave slide. Does your child enjoy climbing? This equipment boasts a height of 3m and is one of our tallest outdoor play gyms.

With years of experience in the industry, Bubby Cubby understands that an outdoor play gym should always be a lasting source of amusement for your child. We offer options for outdoor play equipment that will suit any backyard and bring hours of joy to your kids and their friends.

To learn more about our options in outdoor play equipment, please call us on 0466 726 522 or use our contact page.

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