Support our Farmers – Don’t Stop Buying Fruits

19 September 2018

The recent discovery of needles in strawberries, then apples, and now bananas have “terrorized” Australians. Parents are concerned about putting fruits in their kids lunch boxes because we are worried if we will win this unlucky lottery of our child finding a needle in their fruit; or worst eating a needle.

We see pictures of needles in strawberries in fruits everyday in newspapers and news broadcasts, and it is making the situation worst that it really is.

If you really do the calculations, finding a needle in a fruit (based on today’s findings and the amount of fruit Australian’s Farmers produce) is really as slim as winning the lottery.

As a father, I too feel uncertain about the fruits I buy for my family, but I believe that we should not let our Farmers suffer because of some goons who have effectively run a terror campaign on our produce industry.

So I Say: Let’s show pictures of fruits we have bought at the supermarket or grocers that are healthy and delicious instead of those that have needles.

Support our Farmers, and our economy. Let me start with this #saveozziefruits on my blog and social media.

If you are worried about your fruit, cut them before you serve them. It’s as simple as that.

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