Stevie Cubby House

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The Stevie is a gorgeous little Cubby Shop, with large shop windows and shelf, and blackboard windows!  Find out more below.

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It’s a Cubby Shoppe!!!

We’ve had parents asking about adding shelves and blackboards etc to make a cubby look more like a shop, well, here’s one that actually is a shop… Ha ha… I do love this gorgeous old style shop front with blackboard windows that you can write your menu, or item prices, or just a welcome sign. Thinking laterally, this shop can also be a puppet show stage by adding some curtains!

It’s a wonderful creative space for kids to have fun.

The Stevie Cubby House comes in a natural waterbased stain paint, so we highly recommend that you paint the Stevie to better protect the wood, and also it give parents and kids some bonding time! Oh, yes, it is possible to paint with kids, if supervised properly, and the fun can begin even before the Cubby shop is ready to ‘start selling’ stuff.

Hide and Seek Kids Stevie Cubby House

  • The Stevie Cubby house is a flat pack cubby house made from timber that comes from legal forests
  • Large windows open with chalk board behind
  • Opening side window with perspex.
  • Also comes with large servery shelf, split barn doors, and awning above the large shop window.
  • The Ollie Cubby house comes with a floor.
  • Comes in natural timber colour.

*NOTE: the images seen here are provided by customers who have painted and designed the play space for their kids. The Stevie does not come with crates or the kitchen set or other toys or furniture that is seen in the pictures


Assembled size: Length 1.04 m x Width2.03 m  x Height 1.86 m (at the highest point; 1.7m at the lowest)

model: Stevie_Cubby

Time: 2 hours

Tools: Cordless Drill with Phillips Head Bit

Number of people: 1 – 2 Adults

  • The Cubby House must be assembled on a solid levelled surface, as well as be able to drain water away quickly
  • The Cubby House comes in pre-fabricated panels, reducing assembly time
  • The window and doors are pre attached to the walls
  • The Cubby House panels and attachments are pre-drilled
  • During assembly ensure all small, sharp objects are kept out of reach of children at all times
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to do regular safety inspections of the Cubby House and the maintenance of the Cubby House
  • To ensure you get years of use from the Cubby House, it is essential that you paint the Cubby to reduce the weather elements taking its toll, refer to the painting tips for information
  • Adult supervision is required at all times
  • It is highly recommended that the Cubby be repainted with at least 2 undercoats and 2 coats of paint. This will ensure proper wood sealing, and will make this cubby last a long time to come.

NOTE: Hide and Seek Kids Cubbies ship using an Assisted Delivery service. That means that an able-bodied person must be present to receive and assist the delivery. The delivery service will only If you are unable to help unload then you will need to organise with the delivery company to have a tail gate truck or an extra person. Bubby Cubby are not liable for the extra costs for this service and customers will need to authorise these requests.
Orders will only be delivered to your front door, on a ground floor location. They cannot deliver large items upstairs, enter homes or take items to the backyard. Authority to Leave is not available. Notice will be given prior to delivery (please ensure correct mobile number is provided)

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