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Every backyard is a little different. The ground may be on a slope; there may be a tree in the middle, There may be an elevated garden bed. All of these pose challenges when trying to get a cubby house that will maximize the space you have.

This is where this Duplex Cubby House from My Cubby excels. It is modular, and built to order, so we can customize it to your space (some limitations apply), and the split level design allows the Duplex to fit into challenging slopes and gardens.

You can even choose what features you want for the Duplex, like a climbing wall, or a slide, or a sand pit.

You could decide to build a cubby house from scratch with materials from Bunnings, but here is a design that is already gorgeous, and can be customised to your space. You know that it is built to be safe, with materials that are designed to not splinter, and built for the Australian conditions.

While it may take a little more effort to get the order through, the end results is a cubby house that you know your kids will love, and it will be ready to assemble into the space you want the cubby house to fit.

My Cubby Duplex

  • You can add what you like to the base design. E.g: Slides, Climbing Walls, Sand Pits, Blackboard wall, Cafe Counter, etc. (See Accessories images)
  • Customised modular configuration to your specifications. (It’s dimensions can also be fully customised for extra fee)
  • Uses Weathertex panels (which are an Australian made wood panels that have better than 0 carbon foot print, and are specially treated for the Australian conditions).
  • Polycarbonate Roofing that has 99% of UV protection.
  • Open plan to reduce places where spiders and insects can hide.
  • Open plan duplex also allows lots of airflow so that it doesn’t get too hot in summer.
  • Non-anchored footing (although Bubby Cubby recommends anchoring your cubby house) to allow easy moving. Yes, these cubby houses can be disassembled and moved if you need to do so.

Assembled Dimensions (base cubby only): Length 1.7m X Width 2.445m X Height 2.55m

Dimensions are based on a standard plan. The height of the cubby can vary due to your home’s elevations, and where you install the Cubby. If slide’s extension is added, it can extend up to approximately 2.3m away from the Duplex.

The base Duplex cubby only includes:

  • 1 x unpainted flat packed cubby house
  • 4 x handles
  • Stairs and balustrades
  • Instructions with illustrations
  • All screws required
  • Polycarbonate roof panels

All other accessories like the slide can be added during customisation for an extra cost. Check out the accessories that can be added to the My Cubby Duplex here. You can have a look at the pictures for inspiration.

To order:


Please fill in the “Request for Quote” below, and answer these few questions:

  1. This is a split level cubby, would you like the higher (fort) side on the left when you are looking at it, or on the right?
  2. What accessories would you like to add? Please list them.
  3. Please briefly describe where your accessories will go.
  4.  If you want to add a slide, would you like to have the slide come out to the front or to the side of the fort?


Once we receive your request, we will then proceed to get a sketch of what your Duplex Cubby house will look like, and we will only build it once you have approved the design and quote.

Time: 2 – 3 hours (for professional installers selected by My Cubby), 1 weekend for self-installation unless you are a professional installer or handiman or builder.

Tools: Cordless Drill with Phillips Head Bit, and some building know-how.

Number of people: 2 Adults

The My Cubby Duplex will ship to all of Australia, and the cost for delivery will vary because of the customization. Please call, e-mail or contact for quote.

Shipping is also generally sent to depot only, so you will need to arrange to pick up the Duplex. Home delivery is available but can add up to and extra $100+ for delivery.

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