Cubby Houses for Sale in Kits. Buy Your Kids Their Own Cubby House and Have it Delivered to Adelaide

A child learns through play. There is nothing more exciting and fun for a child than being given opportunities to play freely and use their imagination. At Bubby Cubby, we help parents encourage their child’s need for play with our selection of safe and fun kids cubby houses available in the Adelaide area.

Just like with any parent, safety is our top priority. Therefore, we have selected our range of kids play equipment from manufacturers that build quality products with local warranties. This also means that you will not be waiting months on end for your cubby house kits to arrive in Adelaide as they are already in Australian warehouses.


Not every child plays the same way and not every property is alike. Our wide selection of products gives you many options to choose from so you can buy a cubby house for your Adelaide family that is the right fit. When making your decision, there are a few determining factors that will help you narrow down your choice.

An ideal place to start is first to consider your property. If you own the home then how you change the backyard is up to you, however, if you are renting then be sure check with your landlord about their policy on putting holes or structures in the ground. Our range of cubby houses come in several sizes so choose one that will fit in your designated area while still giving you enough space around the perimeter for safety reasons.

Our cubby houses are available to look like a replica home or with some added features. Whether you require these features often depends on your child’s personality and how they play. Some children like to be entertained with activities or need climbing equipment to burn off their extra energy. A climbing wall and slide attached to the cubby house is an ideal way to accommodate this. Other children happily create their scenarios with make-believe house or pretend tea parties.

Will it Be Hard to Build?

While helping you to determine the best cubby house for your family lifestyle, we have also separated our products into categories depending on the difficulty of the build you desire. Plastic cubby houses are easier to construct than wooden houses and have the advantage of being portable. However, wooden cubby houses tend to be a more permanent structure, and there may need to be some ground preparation work involved.

Cubby houses are best built on flat ground, so depending on the ground you have in your backyard, you may need to either construct a deck or lay a concrete slab. This will also provide protection from dirt, soil and moisture to the inside of the house.

Our goal is to make it easy when selecting your choice from multiple cubby houses for sale to the Adelaide public. Contact us today to let us know your choice, and we will have it delivered within two weeks.

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