About Bubby Cubby

When I was 7, I wished I had a cubby house. Living in small and crowded Singapore, cubby houses are for the lucky 10% of families who have a backyard.

So when my daughter was born in Australia, I wanted to make sure that she would have the cubby house, or swing set I never had. I knew I had some building skills, but not enough to create something from scratch, so I went with a kit. Safety is obviously my first concern; build quality, and easy of assembly came close second, and of course, cost.

There are plenty of cubby houses and swing sets to choose from out there, and I spent many days going through catalogues, websites, and hitting the usual shops like Bunnings, and Kmart to search for what I wanted.

I thought that I can’t be the only one who has had this project go from a 1 week exercise to a full blown 3 month search, purchase, and build. So I decided to pull together everything that I had found, and then some; and create a website for parents like yourself to have a one-stop shop to find the right cubby house or swing set for your children.

Regardless of whether you have the skills to build it yourself from a plan and hardware from Bunnings, or just enough skills to assemble an Ikea furniture, I wanted a space where we can find the right outdoor play equipment easily.

And thus Bubby Cubby was born!

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